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Daftar ebook yang dilanggan bidang subjek Biologi

An Introduction to Ecological Genomics, 2nd Edn van Straalen & Roelofs 9780199594689

Animal Evolution, 3rd Edn Nielsen 9780199606023

Animal Eyes, 2nd Edn Land & Nilsson 9780199581139

Animal Migration Milner-Gulland et al (eds) 9780199568994

Aquatic Entomology Lancaster & Downes 9780199573219

Carnivore Ecology and Conservation Boitani & Powell (eds) 9780199558520

Dispersal Ecology and Evolution Clobert et al (eds) 9780199608898

Ecological and Environmental Physiology of Fishes Eddy & Handy 9780199540945

Ecological and Environmental Physiology of Insects Harrison et al 9780199225941

Energetic Food Webs Moore & Ruiter 9780198566182

Evolution and Medicine Perlman 9780199661718

Evolutionary Parasitology Schmid-Hempel 9780199229482

Exploring Personal Genomics Dudley & Karczewski 9780199644483

Getting Started with R Beckerman & Petchey 9780199601615

Host Manipulation by Parasites Hughes et al (eds) 9780199642236

Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning Solan et al (eds) 9780199642250

Maximum Entropy and Ecology Harte 9780199593415

Mechanisms of Life History Evolution Flatt & Heyland (eds) 9780199568765

Natural Capital Kareiva et al (eds) 9780199588992

Pillars of Evolution Morris & Lundberg 9780198568797

Primate Ecology and Conservation Sterling et al (eds) 9780199659449

Principles of Social Evolution Bourke 9780199231157

Processes in Microbial Ecology Kirchman 9780199586936

Rapidly Evolving Genes and Genetic Systems Singh et al (eds) 9780199642274

Sensory Ecology, Behaviour, and Evolution Stevens 9780199601776

Soil Ecology and Ecosystem Services Wall et al (eds) 9780199575923

The Adaptive Landscape in Evolutionary Biology Svensson & Calsbeek 9780199595372

The Biology of Disturbed Habitats Walker 9780199575299

The Biology of Freshwater Wetlands, 2nd Edn van der Valk 9780199608942

The Ecology of Snow and Ice Environments Laybourn-Parry et al 9780199583072

The Evolution of Parental Care Royle et al (eds) 9780199692576

The Origins of Evolutionary Innovations Wagner 9780199692590

Urban Ecology Niemelš et al (eds) 9780199563562

Daftar ebook yang dilanggan bidang subjek Psikologi

A Mind of Her Own, 2nd Edn Campbell 9780199609543

Advances in Culture and Psychology, Volume II Gelfand et al 9780199840694

Advances in Culture and Psychology, Volume III Gelfand et al 9780199930449

Agency and Joint Attention Metcalfe & Terrance (eds) 9780199988341
Apraxia Goldenberg 9780199591510

Bioprediction, Biomarkers, and Bad Behavior Singh et al (eds) 9780199844180

Brain Imaging Shulman 9780199838721

Comparative Decision-Making Analysis Zentall & Crowley (eds) 9780199856800

Competing Motives in the Partisan Mind Groenendyk 9780199969807

Components of Emotional Meaning Fontaine et al (eds) 9780199592746

Culture and Group Processes Yuki & Brewer (eds) 9780199985463

Discovering the Musical Mind Bamberger 9780199589838

Evolution's Empress Fisher 9780199892747

Galileo's Visions Piccolino & Wade 9780199554355

Minding Norms Conte et al (eds) 9780199812677

Navigating the Social World Banaji & Gelman (eds) 9780199890712

Positive Psychology of Love Hojjat & Cramer (eds) 9780199791064

Psychocinematics Shimamura (ed) 9780199862139

Sight Unseen, 2nd edn Goodale & Milner 9780199596966

Social Emotions in Nature and Artifact Gratch & Marsella (eds) 9780195387643

Societal Contexts of Child Development Gershoff et al (eds) 9780199943913
Speaking of Violence Cobb 9780199826209

The Autobiographical Self in Time and Culture Wang 9780199737833

The Bilingual Brain Hernandez 9780199828111

The Complexity of Greatness Kaufman (ed) 9780199794003

The Emotional Power of Music Cochrane et al (eds) 9780199654888

The Evolution of Emotional Communication Altenmuller et al (eds) 9780199583560

The Political Psychology of Terrorism Fears Sinclair & Antonius (eds) 9780199925926

The Psychology of Music in Multi-Media Tan et al (eds) 9780199608157

The Roots of Cognitive Neuroscience Chatterjee & Coslett (eds) 9780195395549

The Science of Web Surveys Tourangeau et al 9780199747047

The Social Net Amichai-Hamburger (ed) 9780199639540

The Social Science of Cinema Kaufman & Simonton (eds) 9780199797813

The Two Selves Klein 9780199349968

Understanding Other Minds, 3rd Edn Baron-Cohen et al (eds) 9780199692972

War, Peace, and Human Nature Fry (ed) 9780199858996

What Is Adaptive about Adaptive Memory? Schwartz et al (eds) 9780199928057

Why Only Humans Weep Vingerhoets 9780198570240

Daftar ebook yang dilanggan bidang subjek Ekonomi & Keuangan

A History of Econometrics Qin 9780199679348

A Micro-Level Perspective on the Dynamics of Conflict, Violence, and Development Justino et al (eds) 9780199664597

Achieving Development Success Fosu (ed) 9780199671557

Agricultural Input Subsidies Chirwa & Dorward 9780199683529

Beyond GDP Fleurbaey & Blanchet 9780199767199

Catch Up Nayyar 9780199652983

China's Growth Yueh 9780199205783

Coming Home to New Orleans Seidman 9780199945511

Democratic Trajectories in Africa Resnick & van de Walle (eds) 9780199686285

Dynamism, Rivalry, and the Surplus Economy Kornai 9780199334766

Ecological Limites and Economic Development Sengupta (ed) 9780198081654

Executive Remuneration and Employee Performance-Related Pay Boeri et al (eds) 9780199669806

Federal Reform Strategies Howes & Rao (eds) 9780198092001

Financial Asset Pricing Theory Munk 9780199585496

Food Security and Sociopolitical Stability Barrett (ed) 9780199679362

Governance of International Banking Schoenmaker 9780199971596

Handbook of Trade Policy for Development Lukauskas et al (eds) 9780199680405

Hedge Fund Structure, Regulation, and Performance around the Word Cumming et al 9780199862566

Institutional Diversity and Political Economy Aligica 9780199843909

International Finance Baker & Riddick (eds) 9780199754656

Keynesian Reflections Hirai et al 9780198092117

Law and Economics with Chinese Characteristics Kennedy & Stiglitz (eds) 9780199698547

Macroeconomics at the Service of Public Policy Sargent & Vilmunen (eds) 9780199666126

Market Liquidity Foucault et al 9780199936243

Market-Based Banking and the International Financial Crisis Hardie & Howarth (eds) 9780199662289

Nature in the Balance Helm & Hepburn (eds) 9780199676880

Network Industries and Social Welfare Florio 9780199674855

Oil for Food Woertz 9780199659487

Organized Innovation Currall et al 9780199330706

Pathways to Industrialization in the Twenty-First Century Szirmai et al (eds) 9780199667857

Portfolio Theory and Management Baker & Filbeck (eds) 9780199829699

Q-Squared Shaffer 9780199676903

Restoring Public Debt Sustainability Kopits (ed) 9780199644476

Securing Livelihoods Hillenkamp et al (eds) 9780199687015

Subsidies to Chinese Industry Haley & Haley 9780199773749

Systematic Risk Gai 9780199544493

Tanzania Coulson 9780199679966

The Affluent Society Revisited Berry 9780199686506

The Economic Impacts of Natural Disasters Guha-Sapir & Santos (eds) 9780199841936

The Fall of the Celtic Tiger Donovan & Murphy 9780199663958

The Federal Reserve Axilrod 9780199934485

The Globalization of Cost-Benefit Analysis in Environmental Policy Livermore & Revesz (eds) 9780199934386

The Great Depression of the 1930s Crafts & Fearon (eds) 9780199663187

The Great Recession and the Distribution of Household Income Jenkins et al (eds) 9780199671021

The GVAR Handbook di Mauro & Pesaran (eds) 9780199670086

The Handbook of Market Design Vulkan et al (eds) 9780199570515

The Macroeconomics of the Arab States of the Gulf Espinoza et al 9780199683796

The Price of Land Chakravorty 9780198089544

Unions, Central Banks, and EMU Hancke 9780199662098

Wealth in the UK Hills et al 9780199678303

Worklife Balance Hobson (ed) 9780199681136

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layanan referensiDua orang karyawan Perpustakaan UIN SUSKA Riau mengikuti WORKSHOP MASTER OF CEREMONY DAN KEPROTOKOLAN BAGI CIVITAS AKADEMIKA UIN SUSKA RIAUKatalog induk naskah-naskah Nusantara jilid 4: Perpustakaan Nasional Republik Indonesia. T.E Behrend (editor) x, 343 Halaman Pekanbaru SUKA Press 2009 Perpustakaan UIN SUKA Riau LAMR (pekanbaru) 027.501 7 BehNaskah : Hitori, Politik dan tradisi Huni Thamrin (editor) Wilaela Elia Roza Mahyudin Syukri x, 343 Halaman Pekanbaru SUKA Press 2009 LPPM UIN SUSKA Riau Perpustakaan UIN SUKA Riau Lantai 2 ruang layanan referensiRoaming through seductive gardens : Readings in Malay narrative G.L. Koster Vi, 251 Halaman Leiden KITLV Press 1997 UB Leiden University KITLV Jakarta Lantai 2 KITLV Jakarta. Dimiliki juga di Perpustakaan UIN SUSKA RiauSyair perang Siak II. 65 Halaman UB Leiden University NBG .KL. 154 Lantai 4 UB Leiden University. Kopi digital ada di Perpustakaan UIN SUSKA RiauSyair perang Siak I Anonim 35 Halaman UB Leiden University NBG .KL. 153 Lantai 4 UB Leiden University. Kopi digital ada di Perpustakaan UIN SUSKA RiauUndang-Undang Minangkabau I. 32 cm x 20 cm. 58 Halaman. Perpustakaan Nasional Indonesia. Kode: ML. 040 Lantai 5 Perpustakaan Nasional Indonesia. Kopi digital ada di Perpustakaan UIN SUSKA RiauAdat raja-raja melayu (manuskrip) Kode ML. 714 (dari W 064) Lantai 5 Perpustakaan Nasional Indonesia. Kopi digital ada di Perpustakaan UIN SUSKA RiauSultan Ibrahim II (manuskrip) ML 573 (dari W.119) Lantai 5 Perpustakaan Nasional Indonesia. Kopi digital ada di Perpustakaan UIN SUSKA Riau

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